Solar water heater

The electricity bill in Kenya has hiked and many people are confused on what to do to manage the power cost. Various stakeholders have given their views on what should be done by power consumers. One of the interventions proposed is the use of solar water heating system. The solar water heater or popularly know as solar heater unit is a system that is absolutely independent of hydroelectric power upon installation. This means that your power bills will drastically come down when you fix it. In Kenya, the government has issued a directive that residential and commercial buildings that have a consumption capacity of more 100 litres of water must install solar water heating unit. Due to this requirement, many companies and distributors have emerged involved in selling the unit. We are one are one of the leading solar water heater supplies in Kenya and offer products that are superior, unique and affordable. Our products that are one of the most popular and trusted brands in kenya; reknown for its efficiency, durability and modern design specifically tailored for the Kenyan market and which will suit clients from all parts of the country.

All our products are KEBS and EPRA (Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority) Approved.