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Why buy milk pasteurizers from us

There are several reasons why olmec is the right seller you can buy the best milk pasteurizers in Kenya:

Quality products- for such an important equipment, we believe quality should not be compromised. At Olmec Technical Services you are rest assured you will be buying a high quality milk pasteurizer that will serve you without hitches for a long time.

Affordability- because we understand how important it is to reduce cost of production, we offer the most affordable prices for our products without compromising the quality.

After sale service- we don’t just sell you the product and do away with you, we offer after sale services for all our clients at discounted rates.

Timely delivery- we are very careful to finish the job within the set timelines. If all that is needed is available then you can count on us to finish your product within the agreed time frame.

Importance of Pasteurization

In today’s milk processing industry, pasteurization is a popular technology widely applied in milk sterilization.

Our milk pasteurizer machine is able to eliminate pathogenic bacteria which are harmful to our health, and preserve milk quality as much as possible.

  • Pasteurization helps to destroy all harmful microorganisms in milk and other foods, as well as, to kill potentially harmful pathogens.
  • This is a purely physical process, and so nothing is added to the fresh milk.
  • Drinking pasteurized milk is good for your health.
  • It eliminates harmful bacteria contained in raw milk which is dangerous to health.
  • Milk which is pasteurized, can be preserved by several different processes.
  • Traditionally, ordinary milk was pasteurized in large batches by heating it to around 60°C for 30 minutes or so.
  • It is also possible to use a faster process and a hotter temperature for less time.
  • Typically heat to 72°C for 30 seconds or so (or use two separate periods of 15 seconds).
  • This means the milk will be preserved (in cool conditions) for a further 7–12 days (starting from when it leaves the processing plant, not when it arrives in your home).
  • The hotter the pasteurization temperature so is the longer the period the milk will be preserved.