Our automated liquid fillers are designed to provide customers with a flexible and easy to adjust automatic bottle filling machine, resulting in fast changeover times. The pumps on our automatic filling machines contact only the exterior of the filling tube and never come in contact with the product. As a result, cleanup is fast, worry free, and the potential for cross contamination is eliminated. Available in configurations of 1 – 8 filling heads, you will find an automated bottle filling machine suitable for your filling lines.

Our factory specializes in the research & development and manufacture of the water treatment system, filling plant, and we also provide the strong technical support to our esteemed customers, including machine installation, debugging, training, anytime technical support.

Key Features

  • Function;Rinsing,washing,filling & capping.
  • Production:60BPH Volume of bottle : 3-1 Gallon=3.75Ltr
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Suitable bottle neck size;customized

1. Applied advanced RO antipenetration filter purification technology, sevenfold water quality treatment, effectively remove original harmful substances, 

such as sand, alga, chlorine, heavy metal, organic composition and germ.

2. 24-hour uninterrupted ultraviolet sterilization, ensuring water quality sanitation.

3. Applied high concentration ozone for water bottle sterilization, preventing second pollution of water

4. Precise water quality TDS monitor technology, getting water quality condition instantly

5. Automatic photosensitivity sensor control & Lamp inspection function, saving power and water.

6. Coin and intelligent IC card charging technology, both of which can be applied according to client’s demand

7. Luxury appearance, 100% waterproof design, imported outdoor plastics coated on the surface.

8. Full automatically wash the bottle with high concentration ozonized water, and smoothly finish the process of bottle washing  filling and cappi