Reverse Osmosis UF Plant

All of our RO systems can be combined with the UF membrane pre-filtration to form a single-frame UF-RO system.

UF-RO systems have proven to work unattended and trouble-free in the most challenging conditions, meeting the permeate quality requirements of various applications where simple reverse osmosis and other filtration processes (Multimedia, GAC, and micronic filtration) required expensive and timeconsuming maintenance.

The UF capabilities to eliminate microbiological contaminants reduce the risk of contaminant formation on the surface of RO membranes and ensure constant production of high-quality water to the client.

UF pre-filter extends the effective life and efficiency of the RO membranes, thus reducing the cost of operation.

System process

  • Pre- chlorination
  • Flocculation
  • Sand filtration Activated
  • carbon Filter
  • Sediment filters
  • UF RO plant
  • Micro filtration
  • UV disinfection Storage
  • Tank


Ultrafiltration water purification equipment makes selective analysis on substances by micro-pore structures on the surface of UF membrane from UF groupware. When liquid mixture flows through films surface under a certain pressure, water or little molecule substances in the solution can pass through micro-pore smoothly, while bacteria and big molecule substances are blocked, so that the goal of separating, concentrating,  or purifying little and big molecules can be reached.