The commercial ro systems come in standard models. These systems can be customized to add multimedia filters, activated carbon filters, water softeners, anti-scalant dosing systems and uv sterilizers. These systems are used to purify and remove salt and other impurities. These are also capable of rejecting bacteria. They are the most durable RO systems with great value in quality, convenience and price. They come in different capacities from 125l/hr to 3000 l/hr.

System process

  • Pre- chlorination
  • Flocculation
  • Sand filtration
  • Activated carbon Filter
  • Sediment filters Reverse
  • Osmosis plant
  • Micro filtration
  • UV disinfection
  • Storage Tank

Why installing a Reverse Osmosis system is advantageous

A reverse osmosis system helps remove many dissolved substances in water efficiently and at the same time produce good tasting final output of water.

Another advantage is that a reverse osmosis offers is that it does not add any other chemical to the water being treated. This is because it basically separates the dissolved substances from the source water.

Simple maintenance. Maintenance of the machine is very simple and can be done even when it’s still operational