Milk Vending Machines(ATMs)

Our Milk vendingk machines are built on the standard of high quality and craftsmanship and approved by the Kenya dairy board.The milk dispenser, commonly called milk ATM is come in varying sizes and designs– portable and wall – such as 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 and even 1,000 litres. They are refrigerated to preserve milk and can dispense any denomination of milk in 100ml units.

Key Features

Made of Stainless steel food grade 304.

Cost effective,Made in Kenya

KEBs Certified

Has password Protection

Its small in size and its mobile

Records Daily sales

How Setup a Milk ATM Business

This kind of business requires a locality with a sizeable active market for milk every day. Consumers purchasing milk in most cases also need products like bread, eggs, sugar etc. which would mean your Milk vending machines’ location should be in or near a shopping center in a main shopping area. For instance a supermarket would really be a great site. Approaching a supermarket or a mini mart with this proposal would be a really great move for you as an entrepreneur since very many people shop in these places.

Negotiate a revenue split agreement. If this proves to be hard there is always the option to rent your own shop around that area or any other area with foot traffic. As long as the room is organized and clean with adequate ventilation and lighting and also clean running water you are open for business.

Regulatory Requirements and Licensing

Licensing and the regulatory requirements depend on the location you set up your Milk Dispensing ATM Machine business.  Kenya Dairy Board (KDB) certifies licenses and other levies including a business permit from the county government which costs approximately 10,000ksh. A health certificate for your workers might also be required. 

Supply Of Milk

Efficient and dependable supply of quality milk will be a great determinant to the success of your milk dispensing business. Be on the lookout for con people or people supplying low quality milk. Identify local dairy farmers who can be your daily milk suppliers and at a good price. The Kenya Dairy Board also insists that the milk dispensed using these machines be pasteurized before you make sales to consumer therefore see to it that you pasteurize your milk or get pasteurized milk.


Customer service is key to business’ success. Consumers keep coming back to your shop when you offer good customer service. Maintain high standards of hygiene in your shop as well the dispensing machine to avoid contaminated milk. Also make sure your machine is well maintained to avoid breakdowns during sales services.

Milk vending machines have become keys drivers of employment in Kenya with many neighborhoods around the country are teeming with such businesses. The dairy value chain has received a major boost with the advent of the milk dispensing enterprise. It goes without saying that milk is a delicacy in Africa ,with almost every household incorporating it in their meals in one form or the other.

Milk traders will always get market for their commodity as long as there is a human population in place. Any aspiring entrepreneur can roll out this business and get value for their money. Statistics from the Kenya Dairy Board rightly affirm that these machines have boosted milk sales all over Kenya especially in the cosmopolitan urban centres  of the country where the spending power of the consumer base is higher as compared to the rural areas. The high prices of packaged milk in supermarkets and shops across the country have hit the 50 shilling mark while most milk vendors are able to sale a half a litre of pasteurized unpackaged milk at a cost of kshs 30. This represents an almost 50% saving resulting in most consumers preferring to buy their milk form milk ATM owners.

The Anytime Milk Machine (ATM) essentially allows a consumer to buy milk for any amount of money they have eliminating the need for packaging and knocks off middlemen from the daily value . This has the end result of making the product more affordable especially for the low income part of the populace.

 Busy shopping areas with retail shops are recommended to allow customers to easily include milk in their shopping list as they shop for other supplies.  A commercial agreement with supermarket owners to station these devices in their supermarkets can bring in good sales results, some of which can be shared with supermarket owners in a mutually agreed format.

Standalone outfits that are well lit and well ventilated with stable water and electric power supplies can assert independence in the business if the infrastructure sharing plan with big retail outlets such as supermarkets is not workable.