Cabinet water vending system

Cabinet water vending machine(ATM)

The concept of Water ATM today has acquired immense popularity. It’s all due to the escalating number of water ATMs in the country. It quenches the thirst of passersby, workers, and every common people. Getting clean drinking water in public places rarely seen. With the notion to bring clean and safe drinking water.

 We design and manufacture automated self-service water vending machine that dispense clean ro filtered, chilled drinking water at a very affordable cost.

Our machines are low to maintain thus allowing high profits..we customize all our machines to your specific water type and chemical composition,we also have different capacities.

Key Features

  • Sand filtration
  • Micro filters
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Energy mineralization
  • S/steel storage tank/ UV
  • Disinfection
  • Pump, piping/digital control panel
  • Automated vending system
  • Has a meter to keep sales
  • Has a meter to control power consumption